My Story


My name is Kevin.  I’m a certified yoga instructor, mental health counselor, amateur folk musician, and a seeker of beauty in life.  I feel things deeply, but I also love intellectual pursuits and sifting through issues to get at their core.

I live with my beautiful wife and Elfie the cat.  After spending lots of time as a counselor and yoga teacher, I’ve come to realize that both of these practices possess some great tools to help us, but they are typically offered and consumed in ineffective, incomplete and misunderstood ways.  Moreover, they’re usually much too limited in what they focus on.  This site and the unique work offered here is an attempt to rectify those shortcomings.

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My Training

Certified Yoga Instructor

~Yoga Alliance, 200hrs

~Private and group classes instructor


Master’s Level Clinician & Counselor

~Salem State University

~Dept. of Mental Health sub-contractor direct care counseling


Further Studies

Ancient Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations

~University of Chicago

~Brandeis University

 Classical Languages and Cultures

~University of Massachusetts

My Philosphy

I consider myself to be both rational and mystical.  When I come across health approaches or spiritual ideas, they must make sense and prove themselves to be true.  Even more importantly though, they must be easily-applicable to our lives.

My personal yoga and counseling practices led me to develop this site. I realized that yes, yoga and psychology can lead us into a deeper awareness of ourselves, but they can also be applied in ways that lead us beyond our endless emotions, beyond our endless challenges, and even beyond the endless manifestations of spirituality that we find in this life.  Truly, YogaLiving is a vehicle that softly places us within the very fabric of that ineffable wholeness and completeness that we sometimes call God, Source, Tao,  Brahman–the name we use really doesn’t matter.  What we’re all looking for is pure peace and calm . . . perfect joy and fulfillment . . . unconditional love and caring:  we will always find these things when we practice the art of YogaLiving.

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