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YogaLiving is a coaching and counseling practice grounded in the yogic arts. I help people to be happy and whole, to uncover and take possession of the special passion, power and purpose each one of us is carrying inside.  

My holistic approach combines physical fitness, psychological support and spiritual guidance into a unified whole.  That’s the foundation that we build upon, creating personalized blueprints to help you design your best life. Yogaliving has been helping people reclaim that deeper way of living for a decade, and we’re ready to start helping you.

If you’re looking for any kind of change–physical, mental, or anything to do with living your life–YogaLiving can help. 

“Yoga is so much more than exercise. It’s a way of living that transforms our entire lives”   ~Swami Kevi

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Online Services Coming Soon

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Understanding yoga terminology helps us expand our practice while gaining better insight into Eastern philosophy. It’s easy to get confused though, especially since yoga terms are often loosely translated into English. For instance, the word “Ego” in yoga means much more than a person who […]

New yoga students make me so angry. Well, maybe not all new students, just a lot of them, like the two newbies who came to my class last night. These girls repeated a predictable pattern I’ve seen countless times before. What’s the pattern? They were […]

OK, so maybe you kill yourself working out. You try to present yourself as a positive, growth oriented person. You’re even willing to reveal a bit of your personal life on Instagram if that will get you noticed. Do you finally feel loved? Have your […]

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